Picture of woman wearing wooly hat

Five wintertime rosacea triggers

With Christmas festivities, cold weather and end of year stress, wintertime can be tough on people with rosacea-prone skin. Here are five Christmas-time triggers to watch out for…

Cold Weather
Cold temperatures can aggravate the symptoms of rosacea. When you go out this winter, make sure you protect your skin. You could try wearing a scarf wrapped loosely around the bottom half of your face to shield from chilly winds.

While we all enjoy some festive cheer at Christmas, alcohol can actually trigger rosacea flare-ups in some people. The most common culprits are champagne, red wine, gin, beer, whiskey and vodka. Keeping a drink diary is an easy way to spot which alcoholic beverages are causing your symptoms to flare up.

Central Heating
Central heating is one of the best ways to get away from the cold winter nights, but think before turning up the temperature or sitting too close to the fire. Higher temperatures cause our blood flow to increase and can lead to flushing.

Seasonal Stress
For many, running around for last minute gifts and organising family Christmas dinners can be super stressful and this can lead to unwanted blushing. Ensure you look after yourself this festive season by doing regular exercise, getting lots of sleep and following a balanced diet.

Extreme Temperature Changes
Exposing yourself to very sudden changes in temperature can lead to flare-ups. Because the weather in winter is so cold, taking a hot shower or bath can aggravate your condition. Try using lukewarm water instead.