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Spot your rosacea triggers

Keeping a daily diary of your activities is one of the best ways to identify what your rosacea triggers are so you can avoid them. Here’s how to effectively monitor possible culprits.

Keeping a Diary
Help spot the causes of your breakouts by making detailed memos of common rosacea triggers that you know of. Every day, note your daily activities as well as any flare-ups or blushing you experience. Don’t forget to add the severity of your symptoms for each. Make sure you include these in your list:
1. Weather conditions
2. Your exercise routine
3. Food, drink and alcohol
4. Hot showers or baths
5. Creams and products you used on your face.
6. Any stress or pressure you’re feeling at home or at work.
7. Rosacea treatment taken or forgotten.

Look for patterns
If you start seeing a link between a certain activity, food or drink and your outbreaks, try stopping it for a few weeks to see if it has any effect. Be sure to only cut out one type of food at a time, to successfully weed out your triggers and maintain a balanced diet.

If your symptoms have improved after two weeks, try a bit of the activity, food or drink again to see how you react. Then, if you don’t experience any negative reactions, try slowing reintroducing it into your routine.

We suggest you chat to your GP for more advice before starting with any elimination and reintroduction diet.