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While rosacea cannot be cured, there is now a cream available over-the-counter to help treat symptoms and prevent flare ups.


Dermalex Rosacea & Couperose is a new clinically proven medication that treats and controls rosacea flare ups. It ensures active and effective alleviation of symptoms including redness, flushing, dryness, spots, visible spider veins and itchiness. Thanks to its unique treatment concept, Dermalex Rosacea & Couperose can be safely used as a long term rosacea treatment, and can be alongside other treatments.

Dermalex is steroid, antibiotic, paraben and fragrance free.
The combination of the various components in Dermalex Rosacea & Couperose enables it to be used to treat and prevent rosacea/couperose:

How it works
Dermalex Rosacea & Couperose is triple acting:

Protective film: The unique ingredients create a barrier that hydrates and helps to provide resistance to external triggers
Daily protection against UVA and UVA rays* which are well known to cause recurrence of rosacea. This also helps with anti-ageing

Restores the natural skin barrier:
The Tri-Solve complex® is an innovative and patented combination of effective ingredients: It contains trehalose for an immediate hydrating effect with other key elements of the skin (cholesterol, ceramide and free fatty acids) to restore a thick and hydrated natural skin barrier and creates a protective layer. The active ingredients help to repair the barrier function, reduce flare-ups, sooth and calm and decrease swelling

Reduction in redness: By using a green pigment which conceals the redness, your self-confidence increases and stress and anxiety levels caused by fear of red patches is reduced
Calms, hydrates and softens the skin: The combination of bisabolol, wheat germ extract, echinacea angustifolia, boswellia serrata, fruit extracts of zanthoxylum bungeanum have a calming and soothing effect on your skin

* We recommend you always use an additional sun protection factor (SPF 30) in sunny conditions.

Dermalex also offers a breakthrough range of steroid free, clinically proven skin repair creams for the treatment of eczema and psoriasis. Developed by dermatologists, the products are fragrance, paraben and steroid-free.

Dermalex Rosacea is available from Lloyds Pharmacy, selected Boots stores and online at: