Picture of a woman dabbing with a cotton pad

Three good habits to prevent rosacea flare-ups

Managing your rosacea on a day to day basis can prevent your symptoms from flaring up. Here are three helpful habits that you can practice to keep the symptoms away.

1. Recognise Your Triggers
Knowing what triggers your rosacea is a huge step in managing the symptoms. By knowing your triggers, you can more effectively avoid them and take back control. Keeping a food and drink diary is a great start. By tracking the situations and conditions that cause your symptoms to appear, you can quickly recognise what your triggers are.

2. Be Gentle
If you are prone to rosacea, be sure to be sensitive when treating your skin to prevent flare-ups. During your daily routine, try using products that are specially-created for sensitive skin. Look out for creams and washes that are described as mild, fragrance-free or hypoallergenic. These will be gentler on your face and will help limit irritation.

3. Keep Out of the Cold
Cold temperatures and heavy winds are a common trigger for rosacea symptoms. When going outside, try to remember to keep your face and skin protected from the chilly air with a loosely wrapped scarf.