Picture of foundation makeup

Five makeup tips for people with rosacea

Covering up unsightly redness can be an ongoing issue for people affected by rosacea. Here are five easy tips for perfecting makeup for rosacea-prone skin.

Test first Some beauty products and ingredients can irritate sensitive skin. This is why it’s important to try out a product before using it. Test it on a small spot on the inside of your arm to minimise harmful reactions. If it begins to burn, sting or irritate your skin, be sure to stop using the product immediately.

Colour correct People affected by rosacea usually have naturally reddened skin, so try prepping your skin with a sheer green-tinted primer to colour correct and even your skin tone. All you need to do is apply to specific areas where needed.

Be natural Keep an eye out for water-based makeup. This is much gentler on the skin that oil-based or waterproof products.

Simplify Minimalism is key when it comes to applying makeup. The more you overload your face with makeup, the higher the chances of aggravating the skin. Less is more, so try using a primer or foundation that has built in UVA and UVB protection.

Seek help If you have particularly aggravated skin and feel like you need more coverage, you can try using specially designed ‘camouflage’ makeup. Have a chat to your GP to see if they can prescribe a suitable product.