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Menopause and rosacea

Rosacea and menopause have a strong link. While for most women menopause leads to nothing more than the occasional hot flush, for people who suffer from rosacea, this time in their lives can really exacerbate their symptoms.

If you already have rosacea, you may find that menopause causes an increase in flushing and flare-ups. This is because the natural hot flushes that come with menopause can act as a trigger for other rosacea-related symptoms. However the good news is there are treatments available to manage these flare ups.

Hot flushes can also cause the onset of rosacea, even if you have never suffered from it before. While rosacea can affect us at any age, menopause means that middle-aged women are even more prone to the condition than others. We suggest you visit your GP for help in dealing with menopausal symptoms.